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Pocket Explorer - Colour Wheel

Pocket Explorer - Colour Wheel

Undertake artistic and scientific observations on the go with our sustainably made colour wheel, a great toy for developing a rich understanding of the natural world.

The Hellion Toys portable Colour Wheel is designed to support learning about the rich spectrum of colour in the natural world whilst on the move. There are colourful plants, flowers, insects and rich biodiversity outside waiting to be found whilst travelling. These colour palettes change in the different seasons and landscapes we can explore too, such as between spring and summer or beach or the woodland. This colour wheel will help to expose their differences through observation and exploration.

Taking time to slow down and be mindfully aware of the colourful natural world around us, deepens a child knowledge and understanding of the different elements such as the grass, sand, water or sky. Bringing awareness to these elements provides opportunities for self-expression, vocabulary and interpretation skills too.

Our super versatile and British made Pocket Explorer collection can be mixed and matched to support a wide range of play opportunities outdoors. Each piece has been carefully designed to help deepen explorations of the natural world, to support observation, creative documentation and reflections skills of the contrasting and changing landscapes children encounter.

Used regularly, a colour wheel can help track important processes and changes in the natural world, such as the movement of the seasons, lifecycles and the effects of the climate.

Materials and usage

Each piece is handcrafted and finished using eco-friendly, vegan-friendly, sustainable and locally sourced materials. The set is varnished to provide a hardwearing and wipeable finish that is VOC, solvent and BPA-free (gentle to the environment and little hands).

Independently CE/UKCA lab tested and certified safe from 36 Months.

Dimensions and features

The listing contains 1 Wooden Colour Wheel

Colourwheel size: 100 x 75 x 6mm

While the dimensions are exact, each piece has its own distinctive character that sets it apart from a mass-manufactured children’s toy. Unique characteristics such as differences in wood grain are a hallmark of our handcrafted and small batch production processes.

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