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As a child I spent hours outside. If I wasn’t adventuring, you would find me with my head in a book, learning about the things I had discovered on those nature adventures. I collected caterpillars and would watch them bloom into butterflies. Petals and berries were gathered and turned into cakes, potions and lunch! Notebooks were filled with doodles and scribbles, and pots spilled over with treasures I had collected. I still remember the first time I kneeled at the entrance to a badger sett and heard the creature merrily snoring away inside, it was magical.

Now I’m an adult and a Mummy, and yet that childlike curiosity has never left me. I am still a bookworm and love to learn about our natural environment. As a Mummy, I wanted to pass on my stories and adventures to my daughter and encourage her own magical curiosity. So that not only is she encouraged to learn, but also protect and nurture the environment she lives in for the next generation.

This was how the idea of ‘The Nature Bug Club’ evolved. I wanted to create a hub which would offer inspiration, ideas and a collection of nature resources, making it easy for other parents and carers to educate and encourage curious little minds about the environment they live in. I've collected together some wonderful small businesses offering beautiful nature resources for you and your little ones to take on your adventures. There will be a monthly bulletin with facts, ideas of things to make and do and monthly guest blogs too!

Whether you are an experienced adventurer, or a complete novice looking for a little guidance of how you can involve you and your little ones in nature, we hope you will join our club.

Welcome to ‘The Nature Bug Club’

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