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Diary Dates:

Plastic Free July - whole month of July

Shark Awareness Day - July 14th

World Nature Conservation Day - July 28th

Moon Phases:

New Moon - July 10th

Full Moon - July 24th

July Moon - Buck Moon


How is it July already? June has flown by with us getting involved in The Wildlife Trusts #30dayswild but we had so much fun and hope you did too? The weather is still completely unpredictable and as a gardener I have noticed that everything seems to be much further behind in the growing process than in previous years.

That said, the spells of warm weather have seen the appearance of butterflies in the garden and we have a lot of fledgling birds too. So it would seem that despite the weather, Mother Nature continues to be merrily doing her thing in the background.

Our favourite new additions to the garden have to be our two Tawny owlets! We have listened to them talking away to each other in the trees and love how they are just as interested in us, as we are in them. They will happily sit and observe us with their little nodding head actions before attempting to fly a little further up the tree. Their flying is still in the very early stages and it’s very comical to watch the hop, skip, take off action, before a very clumsy landing!

We will also be introducing our ‘Six Week Summer Challenge’! …….make sure you keeping checking our Instagram page for the announcement post and more information.……A six week nature challenge to hopefully help the summer holidays pass a little more smoothly! And the opportunity to win some lovely prizes too.


This month is Plastic Free July, a global movement to reduce the amount of plastic we use in our daily lives in order to create a cleaner planet. There are a number of resources and ideas available on the On how to reduce single-use plastics in your every day life and you can also sign up to their challenge. Even the smallest changes, collectively have a big effect so don’t think that anything you do is too small to make a contribution.

Other events happening this month;

Shark Awareness Day - Raising awareness as to how sharks are very much misunderstood and how positive changes are being made for these amazing ocean creatures. More information available at www.shark

World Nature Conservation Day - A day to create awareness about the Earth’s natural resources and habitats. Our natural resources are depleting at an extremely fast rate, and as a result we are experiencing environmental problems such as global warming, holes in the ozone layer and extreme bushfires in Australia. By raising awareness about protecting these resources and finding alternative energy methods, it is hoped that these environmental problems can be reduced and and the environment be protected for future generations.


This months activity is to try and replace as many single use plastics in your daily lives as possible!

Join us next month for more events and activities. Happy July, happy adventuring and don’t forget to tag us #thenaturebugclub so we can see what you get up to xx

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