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Bat Rewilding Kit

Bat Rewilding Kit

A collection of products sourced from small businesses and authors to create a kit which hopes to educate and encourage wildlife to your chosen area. 
Learn about the subject in a fun way from the book or explorer cards and rewild your chosen area using the products specifically chosen for that subject. Then sit back and observe if you get any visitors, remember this may take some time and not happen straight away. 
Extend the learning oppportunities by learning about the visitors you see. Maybe also keep a journal to record how this changes through the seasons.
Bat Rewilding Kit includes:
1 x Amara and the Bats book by Emma Reynolds
1 x Bat Box Kit - Full instructions and materials. FSC certified. Approved by The Bat Conservation Trust
1 x Seedball Bat Mix Tin - A special mix of wildflowers to attract a wide diversity of insects that bats feed on, including flowers which release their fragrance in the evening.
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