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Diary Dates:

Bat Appreciation Day - April 17th

Earth Day - April 22nd

Moon Phases:

New Moon - April 12th

Full Moon - April 27th

April's Moon - Pink Moon


They say that ‘April showers bring forth May flowers’, but what about snow and hail too?? ......... hopefully the winter weather has taken the hint and is making way for lots of Spring sunshine. Despite the weather, the wildlife seems to have taken no notice and merrily gone about its business. Three of our nest boxes have residents and we’ve also enjoyed these beautiful creatures regularly visiting our orchard the last few weeks.


April 17th is National Bat Appreciation Day, this is a day dedicated to creating awareness of bats ecological roles and the environmental threats that they face. There are 18 different species of bat in the UK and there are lots of things you can do in your garden to help them. You can put up bat boxes or plant night scented flowers to encourage the bugs for the bats to feed on. You can find lots of other information regarding how to help these fascinating creatures at

April 22nd is Earth Day......The first Earth Day was established in 1970 in the USA and is now an annual event which sees people from all over the world come together to challenge leaders to deal with issues such as the climate crisis and pollution on a global scale. Now more than ever this is needed, and this year sees the new American President Joe Biden invite 40 world leaders to a virtual summit to discuss the need for stronger climate action.

There are numerous events both on the day and in the run up to it that you can get involved in, head to out more.


Do a Litter Clean Up

To celebrate and do your bit for Earth Day why not do a litter clean up in your local area, park, river or beach?

Every piece of litter you collect and put in the dustbin is one less that can hurt wildlife, so even the smallest contribution is doing some good. However, if you fancy getting involved on a bigger scale why not visit and get involved in their Million Mile Beach Clean.

Don’t forget that our collectible badges are a great way to encourage your little ones to learn about nature and the environment. Each embroidered badge comes with an activity booklet with suggested activities for your little ones to earn their badge. There are currently 12 to collect.

Join us next month for more events and activities. Hope you have a month full of adventures and don’t forget to tag us with #thenaturebugclub so we can see what you’ve been up to xx

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