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Introducing Spotty Dawdlers

I love to get to know the people behind the business and their inspiration and thought you would to , so I have asked each of the businesses joining The Nature Bug Club family to write a blog piece about who and what they do and why.

First up is the lovely Holly from Spotty Dawdlers;

Spotty Dawdlers are nature spotting sticker books to encourage children and their grown ups outdoors. They were dreamt up over several years of slow walks. We blew dandelion clocks, jumped in puddles, met snails at bus stops and filled our pockets with pine cones.

I didn't realise it at the time but my moment of inspiration came when I overheard my little boy telling his friend that a duck was “actually a moorhen”. He was ready to engage with nature beyond his first encounters with 'ducks' and 'flowers' but almost all of the nature books we found were fact based and better suited to reading age children. I set out to create something simple, responsible and accessible that others could enjoy on their own slow walks. A celebration of early everyday interactions with nature.

In late 2020 I self published the first few Spotty Dawdlers books and there are now eight titles in the collection. Perfectly pocket sized, they are designed to be taken out again and again. They come with stickers that can be added to the pictures every time something is spotted. Each title has been designed to enjoy throughout the year, with new things to find in every season.

Me (and my children!) have loved seeing others engage with Spotty Dawdlers and I'm thrilled they are in such great company as part of The Nature Bug Club.

Holly White | Spotty Dawdlers@spottydawdlers

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