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Bat Rewilding Kit

Like most other species in recent years, the increase of building work and the loss of habitat has resulted in destruction of roosts and a reduction in food supplies for bats. The Pipistrelle which is the UK’s most common bat has seen a 70% decline. But conservation and protection has thankfully seen numbers begin to increase again in the last few years.

If you have seen bats in your area at dusk, putting up a bat box can give a much needed safe place for them to roost and breed. The best place to position your box is close to hedges and tree lines, as bats use these to navigate and are therefore more likely to find it. Equally if there are is no suitable place near by, you could position the bat box on the outside of your house up by the eaves. The bat box needs to be at least four meters above the ground and if possible away from artificial lights. Ideally the box needs to be exposed to the sun for some of the day and sheltered from strong winds.

Also you will need to have patience! It may take months before you have residents.

You can encourage bats into your garden

  • by planting night scented flowers

  • Letting your garden grow a little wilder

  • Build a wildlife pond

Our new Bat Rewilding Kit includes a collection of carefully selected products to help you encourage bats to your garden. The Kit includes a build your own Bat Box Kit with full instructions and all materials which are FSC certified and approved by The Bat Conservation Trust. A tin of Seedball Bat Mix which contains a special mix of wildflowers to attract a wide diversity of insects that bats feed on, including flowers which release their fragrance in the evening when bats are most active. Last but not least the beautifully written and illustrated Amara and The Bats by Emma Reynolds. Emma’s book is the story of Amara who loves bats! When Amara moves house and discovers there are no local bats due to so many trees being cut down she is inspired to take action. The book is an inspiring story about community, perseverance and show that one person can make a difference.

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Remember if you are fortunate to get bats residing in your box never shine a torch up into the box or remove the box! has some fabulous detailed information on how to further help bats

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Cheryl x

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