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Why Rewilding Kits?

My love of nature stems from childhood and everything I know comes from either having a hands on approach, or my head in a book. For me there is no better, or fun way to learn and it was these memories I used to develop the concept for my Rewilding Kits.

Each Rewilding Kit is a combination of literature and products relating to a subject. It gives you the opportunity to learn about the subject in a fun way from the book or explorer cards, and rewild your chosen area using the products chosen specifically to encourage them to reside there. What better way to learn about nature than having a hands on approach?

All items in the Kits have been sourced from amazing small businesses who have the same objective as The Nature Bug Club, to educate the next generation and conserve and help our struggling wildlife

It is being constantly documented that now, more than ever, Mother Nature needs our help and whilst the scale of what needs to be done can be overwhelming, there is no doubt that every small action we do can be a positive one. There are an estimated 28 million households in the UK, just think of the impact if every household planted just one pot of flowers!

It is no coincidence that the Rewilding Kits have been released alongside the launch of the Rewilding Challenge #nbcrewild (see previous blog post, the two have been developed to compliment each other, so as to maximize their impact.

The Rewilding Kits have also been designed so that they can be enjoyed as a family or group activity in order to encourage as many people as possible to get involved with #rewildingbritain and bring about that sense of community and togetherness.

I’m so excited to release these and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed researching and curating them. I’ll be blogging about each individual kit over the next few weeks to give you a little more information and detail.

Remember “Little nature lovers grow into big nature lovers”


Cheryl x

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4 comentários

Avalon Rabey
Avalon Rabey
13 de mar. de 2022

When will these be available?

13 de mar. de 2022
Respondendo a

Sometimes it takes a few minutes to update, but they should be there now. Let me know if you have any problems 🧡

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