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Rewilding Challenge

Updated: Mar 31, 2022


As you know The Nature Bug Club loves a seasonal challenge and from the response we had last year, we know you do to! ….. So this year we’re hoping that our challenge whilst having small elements, will have a big impact!

A challenge that will last the whole year, in fact once complete it should last much longer!….. Intrigued?…… Then read on ………..

The challenge is all to do with ‘Rewilding; creating conditions for nature to thrive’ …… in its truest form rewilding means no intervention from humans and letting nature do it’s thing, but this can take months, years, hundreds of years even, so we are going to give nature a little help with a challenge which combines Rewilding and wildlife gardening together, to hopefully speed things up a little.

The challenge is open to individuals, families and groups, the more the merrier ……. And can be done in your own garden, a friend, family members, or neighbors garden, your nursery, forest school, school or in your community (with permission).

Firstly you need to choose the area where you would like to give nature a helping hand. Please make sure you have permission before doing anything!

After you have chosen your rewilding area, the first part of the challenge is to learn about what nature already exists there. This can be done in a number of ways, but the simplest way is to just to sit quietly and use your senses.

LOOK - What can you see already? Insects and bugs, flowers, trees?

LISTEN - What can you hear? Birds singing, animals rustling in leaves, wind in the trees?

SMELL - What can you smell? Flowers, herbs, leaves?

TASTE - Is there anything you can taste? Fruit trees, vegetables?

TOUCH - What can you feel? Different textures, bark on trees, soft leaves, soft mud?

After observing your rewilding area and learning what nature is already there, next create a map showing what your area looks like and what nature you have already discovered there.

The second part of the challenge is then to create a second map of which you elements you would like to introduce in to your rewilding area to help the nature that already exists and encourage new visitors too. This can be anything from not mowing part of the grass, to leaving patches of nettles to grow, putting up a bird, bat or bug box, creating a wildlife pond or simply planting some wildflowers in a plant pot.

When you have created your two maps (before and after) post them to your instagram account using the hashtag #nbcrewild and don’t forget to tag @thenaturebugclub as well so that we can see them.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your space is and whether you choose just one project to focus on or several, it‘s the taking part which is important……..just think how many additional wildflowers there would be if everyone planted just one pot! I know the bugs, bees and butterflies would be very grateful!

You may also decide to keep a special Rewilding Nature Log or Journal to record how your area changes through the seasons and the different visitors which come and go. Think how interesting it would be to look at it this time next year and how different your area is and all the help it has offered.

The two maps are the SPRING Element of the Rewilding Challenge and there will be additional challenges for SUMMER, AUTUMN, and WINTER, as well as mini challenges. Like I said we’re going for big impact! …… can choose to do all of the challenges, or just odd ones, it’s entirely up to you!

You have until March 31st to submit your entries for the SPRING part of the Rewilding Challenge, so get cracking! And don’t forget to use the hashtag #nbcrewild


Love Cheryl x

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