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Nature Crowns

Following on from the very popular Nature Necklaces Craft blog from last month the lovely Jade this month brings us Nature Crowns.

Use recycled cardboard, ribbon, or folded newspaper to make a band for the child's head.

You can use glue or a stapler to fasten in place. If using staples I advise that the full side of the staple is on the inside so that there is no risk of getting cut or tangled in the staple.

Once your band is measured and held together you can start adding decorations to build the crown up. I've done a couple of examples using leaves and Pinecones.

For the pinecones use a glue gun and do a dot of glue and pop the cone on and hold until set, repeat this until the band is full. Make sure to be careful when using the glue gun, adult supervision is a must.

For the leaves it can help to lay them out first to get an idea of how you'd like it to look. You could make it symmetrical or just add leaves as you want.

Before adhering them to the band just trim off any stalks so that they don't dangle down onto little faces. You could use a glue gun or Pva to attach the leaves and the leaves must be dry for this craft.

Once it's finished allow it to dry fully before wearing.

Don’t forget to tag us using the hashtag #thenaturebugclub if you have a go at making your own creations.

. Xx

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