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Nature Necklaces

I’m absolutely delighted that the lovely Jade is joining The Nature Bug Club team with a monthly craft blog! Each month she will be posting a fabulous nature related activity for you to try with your little ones.

This month‘s craft is Nature Necklaces. This can be done by the children on their own, by adults for their little ones or as a joint effort. It’s a great activity for enhancing those fine motor skills, as well as their imagination, creativity and mindfulness.

Any natural materials can be used for your necklace and you can also introduce additional recycled materials such as cardboard or string if needed.

The main part of the necklace was made by braiding switch grass, but this could just as easily be done with string. The beads are made from pithy twigs, (elder is perfect for making these). They’re great for little ones to make as they can push a wooden skewer through the centre which is soft, to make the hole. Depending on the age or ability of your child, they can also cut the twigs into sections to make the beads or this can be done by an adult.

Thread the beads onto the ‘string’ along with any additional decorations and there you have your nature necklace. Such a simple but fun activity to make.

For more beautiful craft ideas visit Jade @paperstories_play

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